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Pieces of Louis' Mind
Notes, Research, Philosophical Ramblings and Explorations

The Equipment of the Cow-Hand

Tools of the Trade - NoteAll the equipment of the cow-hand had its uses, even that considered purely decorative . . . was rarely so.

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Plot Devices

Story Information and Plot Devices - Louis would read anything he could get his hands on, multiple newspapers, text books, local history pamphlets, on top of that he was an avid listener, few things made him happier than to get someone with experience talking . . .

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General Notes and Oddities

Louis' Believe it or Not - Louis jotted down thousands of one-line notes on historical events and facts gleaned from huge stacks of books, magazines, newsletters, correspondence, NASA Dispatches, journals, and as we discovered later, story fragments, completed (but never published) manuscripts, personal thoughts, and thousands of pages of one-line notes on historical facts and events.

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To wander through Louis' library was to enter a time machine where a hand painted, gold leaf, manuscript on medieval armor was only a shelf away from a World War II Army Survival Guide; where a jewel encrusted ceremonial dagger shared space with silver certificate one-dollar coins; and where the dusty pages of a mountain man's journal from the 1800's rested on top of the latest dispatches from NASA.

It was impossible to be there and NOT wonder what the heck was going on in this man's mind! So you would ask, and he would turn to you and his eyes would dance and he would grin that amazing grin and he would tell you.

But no matter how long the conversation, you would always be left knowing that there was so much more to be discovered and discussed.