Louis L'Amour's COMPLETE First Novel

Coming Fall of 2017


S.S. Lichenfield

     Fate is a Ship ... a tanker west-bound on the eve of WWII.  Aboard are thirty-three officers and crew.  Thirty-three lives intertwined, by friendship, respect, and a mysterious network of circumstance.  Thirty-three lives held separate by fear and prejudice, social class and ambition.  A deadly mixture of personalities made all the more explosive by the dangerous nature of their cargo.

Coming Fall of 2017


     “No Traveler Returns” has the distinction of being the first novel length work by Louis L’Amour. The first indication that he was working on this book is in a journal entry from June 9th, 1938.  He mentions that he intends to “finish ‘No Traveller Returns’ tomorrow.”

     It was a time when several different versions of Louis’s professional and creative life were colliding.  He was writing the semi-autobiographical “Yondering” style stories, of which “No Traveller Returns” is one, and he was promoting himself as a character similar to the protagonists found within their pages: a self educated yet blue collar adventurer and world traveller. 

. . . Beau L'Amour

Louis L'Amour's Lost Treasures
Volume II

Scheduled for release Fall 2018!


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