These books may drive you crazy.   
What they contain is mysterious and fascinating, frustrating and more often than not, tragically incomplete. It is a look behind the curtain into a world of what might have been. It is a look under the hood at how the machinery of a writing career that lasted over half a century functioned.  
It is also a look at how the sausage was made, the ugly process of creating the raw material for the things we enjoy the most. This is the story of the debris, the chaff, the waste heat that a writer produces. The things that never make it to the editor’s desk. The stack of pages never graced by a final “The End.”
Louis L'Amour's 
Lost Treasures 
Volume 1 & Volume 2 
Within these pages is some of the most interesting material from what is a considerable archive. Many of these are stories that Dad discussed with us around the dinner table, others were completely unknown and inspired a good deal of research.  
Louis' FIRST Novel 
The sea gave Louis access to the world. He visited England, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Arabia, Egypt and Panama … in a time when few people traveled. Yet his world was quite a cosmopolitan place full of different races, religions, histories and governments.  
The world is a place from which no traveler returns. 
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Additions To The Titles 
You Know And Love 
In amongst the stacks of paper in Louis' office, were page after page of notes and alternate drafts to Louis’s well known and previously released novels and short stories. 
We have matched these with their already published books and will be releasing them as new editions over the next several years. 
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The Odds and Ends 
of Louis' Mind 
Louis' imagination stretched well beyond the tremendous variety of work that he did produce, from Westerns and Crime Stories, High Adventure and Historical Romance, to stories he planned in Science Fiction, Horror and what can only be called Mystical or Spiritual Adventure. 
Here are shorter pieces, the false starts, the concepts and ideas that never found a voice. 
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